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Bamboodoe Technologies

Our Services

Bamboodoe Technologies

Mobile and Web Applications

We help you create amazing and creative Mobile and Web apps with the top trending technologies.

Bamboodoe Technologies

ERP Consultation

We help you with the best ERP products and solutions suitable to your needs to skyrocket your business.

Bamboodoe Technologies

Bigdata and Analytics

We help you with our powerful analytics to unlock the hidden treasures in your data with Bigdata Analytics.

Bamboodoe Technologies


Technology & Solutions Driven Company

Expertise in Latest Trending Technologies

We, BambooDoe Technologies, with our highly effective team, are based in India. We are a highly effective team with expertise in the latest technologies to help you in your business. We come with more than 20 years of experience in various domains. We offer our creative solutions in Mobile and Web App development, Business Analytics using BigData, and ERP Consultation.

Meet our CEO

Shamsheer Mazher, having around 20+ years of experience in various Domains, Technologies and Business Development in the APAC, Africa, Middle East and Europe regions.

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Shamsheer Mazher

Chief Executive Officer